My interest in the process of painting intentionally showcases its inherent qualities: physicality, surface, colour and time. I am interested in paintings that refer to their own process and production, as opposed to a mimetic description of a defined subject, however I rely greatly on the core lessons of symmetry and harmony as set out in Classical and Renaissance Art. These lessons are applied through drawing and the handling of paint to create a serious, yet playful, image.

I ask myself how much I can take out of a painting and it remain still a form which is received and understood as indisputably and unapologetically about painting and the nature of paint.

My work is created through an initial period of play – making gestures – from which I can then respond to, develop and discover a design. As a result of this process, my paintings reveal themselves sometimes quite quickly, or in other cases over a much longer period of time. Working with paint in such an intuitive manner, allows the painting and drawing to speak for itself, rather than being held by any other conceptual comment I could make.